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Your First Appointment

When you first arrive at Tooth Zone, we want to ensure you receive the best possible advice on what is best for your teeth.

At your initial appointment we’ll ask you about your medical and dental history, and then plan what needs to happen next.

Treatment alternatives and costs will be discussed with you before the commencement of any treatment.

Dental Decay

Dental decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth make acid which then dissolves the tooth. Bacteria only produce this acid when they are exposed to sugar.

Early dental caries is reversible. Minerals can be deposited back onto the tooth surface if you can modify your diet and oral hygiene. Your dentist can treat early areas of caries with fluoride, and if you are careful with your diet and cleaning no other treatment may be required.

A more advanced area of dental caries will require a “filling”. We will remove the damaged and infected soft tooth structure and repair the tooth. It is important to have this done as early as possible to preserve the strength of the tooth and prevent bacteria damaging the tooth pulp.

Once a cavity is fixed, it will not stop the disease from occurring in other areas of the mouth. We will advise and show you how to prevent further decay.

Gum Treatment

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Periodontal disease is a major cause of tooth loss. Most of the time, periodontal disease is preventable.

“Gum disease” describes a range of conditions that affect the supporting tissues for the teeth. The supporting tissues comprise both the surface tissues that can be seen in the mouth and also the deeper tissues of the bone, root surface and the ligament that connects the teeth to the bone.

Good dental hygiene is one of the most important factors in preventing gum disease. At Tooth Zone, we will show you proper brushing and flossing techniques that will help ensure healthy teeth and gums

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