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Getting kids for dental checkup is a very intelligent gesture of the caring parents who know very well that health and care involve all parts of the body. Teeth and oral cavity are the mainstays of a healthy body. Starting from sound teeth for chewing to a brilliant smile we at tooth zone will take care of your child in the best possible manner.
Every effort is made to make the child’s dental visit as pleasant as possible at Tooth Zone. The child is gradually introduced to the checkups and any treatment, if advisable to avoid any kind of dental phobia developing in the child which can otherwise persist in the longer run. Parents are involved in the process to help make the child comfortable during the dental appointment.

Routine dental check up for child

  • Recommended 6 months after the first tooth has erupted
  • Complete a thorough examination of the teeth and gums
  • Take radiographs (x-rays) when necessary
  • Highlight areas of plaque and calculus accumulation
  • Train and coach in toothbrushing and oral hygiene techniques
  • Remove any plaque or calculus (professional scale and clean)
  • Highlight early signs of decay or gum disease
  • Give individualized diet advice and preventive education on oral care
  • Apply fluoride to prevent decay
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