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“Facing the world with a bright confident smile can influence the way you are perceived by others.”

A dental veneer is a thin ceramic restoration which bonds to the front surface of a front tooth to improve the appearance of your smile. Often a number of teeth are veneered at the same time to make the teeth appear perfectly matched in colour, size and shape. As well as being the most aesthetic solution, they are also strong and durable.

Dental veneers cover any visible imperfections, enhancing the appearance of your teeth, so you can smile confidently!

Dental veneers can be used if a tooth:

  • Has fractured or chipped
  • Is permanently discolored
  • Is the wrong size or shape
  • Is crooked or not in alignment with other teeth
  • To close spaces between the teeth
  • Lengthen small teeth

They are fixed permanently to the tooth’s front surface using a special adhesive method. The porcelain facing covers the visible surface of the tooth completely. The chemical bond between porcelain and enamel creates a translucent, tooth-shaded unit with perfect natural aesthetics

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