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Dental Implant Clinic Adelaide

Dentures- Bridges-Implants – Over the years lot of research and progress has been made in the field of replacing missing teeth. It was long ago the importance of replacing missing teeth was realized for the purpose of esthetics, chewing and maintaining the health of mouth and body in general. We have come a long way from dentures to bridges to dental Implants Adelaide.

Newer technologies – In the last more than 50 years, when Implants were first placed in a human mouth, lot of research and progress has been made to improve the precision, material and success of Implants. Newer materials, newer technologies are being introduced to make the process more predictable and comfortable both for the patient and the dentist.

Dr Narulas; Harvard, Stony Brooks – Dr. Narulas had the opportunity to research and work on various dental implant systems at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA and at Stony Brooks School of Dental Medicine, New York, USA and have been working in this field and placing Implants since the last around 10 years.
Dr Narulas worked as Lecturer, Oral Implantology for under and post graduate students at James Cook University, Cairns, QLD before moving to Adelaide. Being an active academician and clinician Dr Narulas have lot of insight and experience in the field of Implantology.

Replacedent – At Tooth Zone Dental Clinic Blackwood missing teeth replacement in the form of dental implants is being done using a methodology of replace dent which is a unique computer guided, digitally precise keyhole guided placement of Implant. The final crown to be placed on the Implant is digitally finalized and according to this the Implant placement is digitally perfected. Due to the precise placement and pre operative visualization of the crown to be placed on the Implant the chances of success increase manifold. Also the surgical extent and discomfort is drastically reduced. The healing time is much shorter and is very comfortable for the patient as well.

Dental Implants Adelaide


Implants supported bridge

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Implant After Failed Bridge

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