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Our teeth have 3 layers. Outermost being enamel, middle layer being dentine and the innermost pulp which contains the blood and nerve supply to the tooth. If the pulp of the tooth is affected by decay or any other reasons like fracture of the tooth or trauma to the tooth, the pulp of the tooth can become irreparably affected leading to infection or degeneration of the nerve of the tooth.

Such a condition can lead to symptoms like:

  • Hot and/or cold sensitivity
  • Pain or tenderness on biting
  • An abscess near the tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Darkening of the tooth

The treatment options for such condition would be limited to

  • Extraction
  • Save the tooth by doing Root canal treatment (RCT)

Although extraction is one of the options, should be the last resort and it is advisable to try and save the tooth. A missing tooth not only affects the chewing efficiency but would also has an effect on the rest of the teeth and mouth. A replacement at times might not be possible by fixed replacement methods and may involve even more time and expenditure

Root canal therapy can be undertaken to remove the pulp of the tooth and repair the tooth so it is fully functional and free from discomfort. A series of service appointments may be needed to completely treat the tooth. After root canal therapy the tooth can become brittle and more susceptible to fracture, and protection with a ceramic crown is often recommended.

The treatment is carried out using the most advanced equipment which makes the procedure faster and more comfortable for the patient.

Throughout any appointment our caring dental team will make sure you are most relaxed and comfortable, to ensure you receive the best dental treatment possible. Your treatment options will be openly and honestly discussed, with your individual needs and desires of upmost importance. A detailed explanation of treatment, treatment plan, including all fees, will be presented before starting any treatment.

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