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  • Revolutionary – A revolutionary fluorescence imaging system for the diagnosis and treatment aid of caries.
  • Decay Detection – By making use of the auto fluorescence of dentine, decays can be detected often missed by X-rays, even in its earliest stages.
  • Visualization of Decay – As a patient you can exactly see where and which area of the teeth is undergoing a potential decay.
  • Initial Stages – Helps in detecting and diagnosing decay in its initial stages and if treated in time helps preserve the tooth in a better way.
  • Decision Making – This mode potentially speeds up the decision making process in treatment planning
  • Treatment Mode – Fluorescence differentiates healthy from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased and preserving the healthy part of the tooth.
  • Internationally Accepted – Fluorescence has successfully been implemented internationally and is a world leader in its field. It has won many awards and is even used as a reference for diagnosis in many prestigious universities.
  • Macrovision – Macrovision provides a magnification up to 110 times, revealing details otherwise not visible to the naked eye or with radiography. This enables close monitoring of micro fractures and their development.
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