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Happy Gas (Conscious Sedation)

When you are visiting the Dentist, do you suffer from significant Dental anxiety and/or fear? If so, at Tooth Zone we can offer you conscious sedation Dental treatment. You can achieve the smile you deserve, without being anxious whilst you are awake and still in control of your service. 


Happy Gas allows you to relax and lesser anxiety during treatment. Many patients including adults and children experience phobias and anxiety associated with Dental practices and procedures. 

Happy Gas (also known as laughing gas) is nitrous oxide. This is administered in a Dental setting through a small nasal inhaler gently placed over the patients  nose. The technique involves breathing in small amounts of Nitrous oxide along with Oxygen. Usually around 2-3 minutes later the patient will start to feel relaxed and happy. Once this point is achieved, treatment can begin.

Our modern and integrated inhalation sedation equipment is fully adjustable and safe. It allows for quick and easy changes in the concentration to suit your level of comfort.

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At Tooth Zone, we offer these options to allow for simple and extensive Dental care to be completed without compromise and in fewer visits. So you can get the smile you deserve without the fear and discomfort! Book today by calling 8270 4011 (Aberfoyle Park) OR 8178 1190 (Blackwood)
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